Shipping & Payment Policy

Shipping Policy:

How do we deliver?

We process all deliveries through:

  • Reputed couriers

How much are the delivery charges?

Within Dhaka city, delivery charge is BDT XX and outside Dhaka city it is BDT XX .

Note: This will vary from product to product


What is the estimated delivery time?

The estimated time of delivery for Order inside Dhaka city up to 3 Working days & for outside Dhaka up to 7 working days.


  • Any order placed after 6 pm will be considered as order of next business day, not as same day.
  • Business Day: Saturday to Thursday except public holidays.
  • Delivery might be delayed due the unavailability of the product or delay from the 3rd Party Delivery Service.


Returns, Replacement & Refund:

  • Return Policy
  • Condition for return goods
    1. Returned goods will only be accepted if the product is unused, unworn, unwashed and without any flaws.
    2. Brilliant Prime Shop reserves the right to discard any product that is in an inadequate condition.
    3. In terms of fashion product only, the customer may try to check if it fits and that can be considered as unworn.
    4. The customer must not remove the original tags, manual, warrantee cards and other accessories if the customer is willing to return the goods.
    5. The returned goods has to be handed over in the original, unmarked, unhampered/undamaged manufacturer packaging/box.
    6. Delivered goods is damaged (physically destroyed or broken) or defective (on working on arrival).
    7. Delivered goods is incorrect (presentation different on website) or incomplete (missing of items/parts).

The customer at any circumstance shall not have the opportunity to return any products to the Brilliant Prime Shop once the products are delivered and sold to the customer except Dead on Arrival (DOA) & Dead at Purchase (DAP).

  • Return policy per category
  • Returned goods must be sent back within the given time frame based upon its category.


Time Frame

Phones & Tablets

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Fashion & Accessories

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Beauty & Health

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Home Appliances

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Computing & Gaming

“7” Days; Return and refund.

TVs, Audios & Cameras

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Furniture & Décor

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Sports & Travels

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Automotive & Motorcycles

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Books & Stationary

“7” Days; Return and refund.

Mother & Baby

“7” Days; Return and refund.



  • Refund Policy
  • Condition for refund
    1. Refund from returned goods can be issued when the goods is not up to the standard set initially from Brilliant Prime Shop.
    2. Refund will be considered valid if the customer is not satisfied with the goods and demands for refund within the given time frame of “7” days after the goods has been delivered to the customer.
    3. For a single item, the good has to be dropped off at Brilliant Prime Shop within “3” working days from the initial delivery and needs “7” working days to process initial quality check of the good and further in refund of money.
    4. For bulk items, the goods has to be dropped off at Brilliant Prime Shop within “3” working days from the initial delivery and needs “12” working days to process initial quality check of the goods and further in refund of money.
    5. The refund amount will be paid back as a credit amount in the Brilliant Prime Shop account of the customer or issued as a cheque in that case, the customer has to provide necessary information such as: bank account number, bank name and so on.
    6. Refund can be issued if Brilliant Prime Shop fails to meet the date of delivery.
    7. A customer is allowed to issue for refund before the confirmation of delivery of goods from the vendor’s end. If fails to do so, then the goods will be considered as a sold item and only be served as warrantee product as per the manual documents.
  • Replacement
  • Condition for replacement
    1. Goods returned for replacement is valid within the initial terms and condition of the goods provided by the brand itself.
    2. Goods at fault or damaged at the time of delivery can be issued for replacement or refund as per customer demand.


Payment Policy


    • Condition for payment of goods
        1. For any transaction, the customer has to create an account at Brilliant Prime Shop with valid information and bank account. If the information is false then Brilliant Prime Shop has the right to take necessary legal measures against that customer.
        2. Goods bought from Brilliant Prime Shop can be paid with bKash, iPay, DBBL Rocket, Citytouch, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and also through the balance in the app of Brilliant Prime Connect.
        3. The customer can pay for the goods in cash.
        4. Payment for goods to be paid at full during check out from the shopping cart.